Hot Sweet Chilli Jam

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Packed with the same flavour as our sweet chilli jam. Lots of depth with a lovely sweetness, just oodles more chilli, 50% more to be exact!

The best with halloumi fries, stirred thro pasta or rice, on fish, or chicken or with cheese.. delicious.

We havent found a meal it doesn’t go with yet!

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Hot Sweet Chilli Jam

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8oz jar, 1kg

Recipe Ideas

Cheese glorious cheese! Halloumi, cheddar, lancashire, brie or blue cheese, on crumpets, with crackers, in a toastie.

Add a dollop to gravy,  cottage pie, chilli or bolognese.

Spread onto white fish, salmon, sausages, pork or ham as a glaze while baking.

Pop into your stir fry, just a couple of teaspoons stirred through creates a tasty dish.

Satay sauce anyone? Fry off a little garlic in some oil, add chilli jam, peanut butter and water to get the desired consistency and your done.  Very tasty poured over brown rice with mushrooms beans and chicken. Try with the leftovers in your fridge.

Stir through mayo and use as a dip with chunky chips

Prawn cocktail? Mayo, paprika, a squeeze of lemon juice and a spoonful of chilli jam. Delicious!

Add a little wine, fruit juice or water for a light salad dressing.

Check out some of our recipe cards. Here’s our chicken satay.Recipe for Satay Sauce

Hot Sweet Chilli Jam


Hot Sweet Chilli Jam

2 reviews for Hot Sweet Chilli Jam

  1. Tilli

    Wow, wow, wow!!!! Honestly this is by far the best. Hot chilli jam I have ever tried and believe I have tried a lot. I have searched for a long time to find one this tasty. Excited to explore more from the range. Thank you for a GREAT product. H

  2. Barbara Eastwood

    We have been stocking this product for quite some time here at The Lancashire Gift Company and people keep coming back for more! It is so versatile eaten as a chutney with cheese, salads and cold meats or stirred through pasta to add a bit of ooomph! Personally, I just help myself to a teaspoonful whenever I get the urge! Really delicious!

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