All natural preserves and savoury condiments jam packed with flavour and made with love right here in the heart of Lancashire by Lisa and the team at Reedy’s.

About us

Established in 2008, driven by a love of cooking, gardening and nature, a greenhouse full of not quite ripe fruit and vegetables and a conversation with her mum about not wanting to waste what she had so lovingly grown! A week later, armed with mum’s old aluminium maslin pan, a wedding present from 1954 and a 1920’s cook book, the adventure began! Recipes were created, tested and changed until the results were delicious. Simple but tasty meals were developed using these store cupboard products as a base ingredient. The following year after 20 years in IT Senior Management, she took redundancy and began the business in earnest.

Hand made in the heart of Lancashire, our ingredients are freshly prepared. Every small batch is taste tested and cooked until its ‘bob on’ . We are one of the few producers who naturally set our preserves with our own hand made bramley apple pectin and freshly squeezed lemon juice.